Galaxy Fortnite Pack: Scout Skin of the Galaxy, Bling Core Back, Pick of the Star Attackers, Star Scout Wrap, Celestia Glider


See all the leaked Fortnite Galaxy cosmetics.

A few weeks ago, data miners mentioned that there would be a female galaxy skin coming to the game in July. The galaxy cup information leaked along with the galaxy's skin name, Galaxy Scout.

Samsung accidentally updated its health app earlier to show the Galaxy Scout's skin. Epic released a post announcing the Galaxy Cup, in addition to mentioning that the Galaxy Wrap will be available for free during the tournament. They also confirmed that the Galaxy Scout cover and shell would be available for purchase at the Fortnite Item Store at a later date. the Star Scout Wrap, along with some additional cosmetics that will be part of the Galaxy Fortnite set.

Here are a look at all the cosmetics available in the Galaxy set.

Galaxy Fortnite Pack

Galaxy Scout Fortnite Skin

The skin of the Galaxy Scout is of legendary rarity and the skin description is: "Discover victory in the stars."

  Fortnite Galaxy Scout skin
Fortnite Galaxy Scout skin [19659012] Bling back core

The core backing is of legendary rarity and the description is: "One entire galaxy to come ". As always, this bling back comes with the skin.

  Fortnite core back Bling
Fortnite core back Bling ” width=”512″ height=”512″/>
Pickaxe Stardust Strikers

The pickaxe in the Galaxy pack is called the Stardust Strikers pick. It is of epic rarity and their description is "hit by stars".

  Stardust Strikers Pickaxe
Stardust Strikers Pickaxe ” width=”578″ height=”578″/>
Stardust Strikers Pickaxe

Celestia Glider

The Celestia Fortnite glider is a rare “star” with the description, rare among the description, .

  Celestia Fortnite Glider
Celestia Fortnite Glider ” width=”1024″ height=”1024″/>
Celestia Fortnite Glider

Star Scout Fortnite Wrap

A rare wrapper with the description "the light of infinity". Star Scout Fortnite Wrap ” width=”512″ height=”512″ data-lazy-src=””/>

Star Scout Fortnite Wrap
  Fortnite Galaxy Set

Price [19659008] How to there is always no price on the set / package when they are released. They are likely to be available for purchase separately or together. The skin will cost 2,000 V-Bucks if purchased separately due to rarity; the other cosmetics will be the price that matches the rarity. If purchased as a set, however, players will receive a discount.

Release date

To date, there is no release date for Fortnite Galaxy cosmetics. only if something changes.

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