Explore One Wasteland and more in Patch 22 for Fallout 76 on Xbox One

The latest Fallout 76 patch is now available on Xbox One and is a major issue. Complete with a new season, new repeatable daily missions, legendary perks and rebalanced combat throughout the game, Patch 22 is incredible. Learn more about the highlights you will find in this new patch below.

One Wasteland

The biggest update that comes in Patch 22 is a complete game changer. The One Wasteland system adds a new level of freedom to the way you explore Appalachia. With this new system, you can cross the desert however you want, when you want and with whomever you want, even if you are new to the game. Previously, new players or players with little leverage could have faced serious difficulties if they ventured too far from the area at the beginning of the game, finding creatures very difficult to control. But with One Wasteland, these creatures will set the level for each individual player.

“One Wasteland is our name to rebalance the game so that low level players have a less difficult experience at the beginning of their Fallout 76 adventure, and for higher level players to continue to be challenged ”Explains project leader Jeff Gardiner. “New players will now be able to explore the wasteland of West Virginia without the spikes of difficulty they would encounter previously. For veterans, they will be able to return to various previous areas of the game and find new challenges. And the two types of player will be able to group together to build, do missions and face events, as monsters are reduced from level to level in real time to compensate for any level difference. A low level player will be fighting a low level monster, while a high level player will be fighting a high level monster. ”

This flexibility will also allow low-level players to take on more active roles in events and various activities across the desert while traveling with high-level teammates. Everyone can shine and everyone receives a balanced challenge, no matter their level.

 Fallout 76

Gardiner explains that this update was based on a desire they had at the beginning of the development process. "When we launched 76 for the first time, we strive to have a more balanced gaming experience," he says. “But with our unlimited leveling system, and crazy combinations of construction and weapons, this has not ended up being the case. We originally leveled a zone based on a range of bands, but it depended on the first character in the zone. Which means that a zone can be from level 20 to 60, which is great if you are the first player to enter. However, if you go in behind someone else, the zone will be the same. This meant that it was often punitive for low-level players who entered that area after someone who was much more experienced in the game. ”

Season 2: Armor Ace

The second season also starts with Patch 22, and features a new SCOREboard and incredible new rewards. In season 2, you’ll join the true American champion, Armor Ace, and his patriotic Power Patrol on their march to freedom around the world to defeat Subjugator!

 Fallout 76

Just like The Legendary Run, there will be 100 positions for you to reach during our second season. As you qualify, you'll unlock tons of rewards, including:

  • A new greenhouse wall and ceiling set
  • A Subjugator Outfit
  • A new Power Patrol set exclusive to Power Armor
  • Rewards cosmetics from both Power Patrol and Red Vipers
  • Some fun new items in the game, including Keycards to help you blast wasteland and Vintage Nukashine

“There were many lessons to learn during season 1, and we were thrilled with the level of player engagement and feedback we received in the opening season, ”says senior economist James Phillips. “One of the main areas that we try to improve over the 1st season and now in the 2nd season is the amount of S.C.O.R.E. available to be won through Daily and Weekly Challenges. We added variety of double S.C.O.R.E. Extra events and challenges, and we permanently increase the number of daily challenges to give players more options to progress to Rank 100. That said, we hear ongoing feedback about players who want more from S.C.O.R.E. to be moved to Weekly Challenges instead of Daily, so in Season 2 we are increasing the number of Weekly in response and moving some of the S.C.O.R.E. earnings from Daily Challenges to Weekly Challenges. ”

Legendary benefits

Want to get even more out of your benefits? Legendary privileges are coming as part of Patch 22 and will allow players to unlock additional power gains and prestige at level 50. From level 50 onwards, players will unlock slots for legendary benefits, and each legendary benefit will have four upgradeable ratings, which you can reach by discarding unwanted advantage cards. These new benefits live in their own category within S.P.E.C.I.A.L. menu and are not linked to S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Statistics.

 Fallout 76

Some of the legendary advantages include:

  • Master infiltrator : automatically unlocks terminals and locks
  • Sizzling style : Greater fire resistance when using one corresponding set of armor
  • Hack AND Slash : Chance of melee attacks by Vats to do AOE damage
  • Power Sprinter : Power armor reduces AP sprint cost [19659028] What Rads?: Gain additional rad resistance and heal rads over time

In addition, you can also get a Legendary increase in your SPECIAL stats, which give you bonus points on a specific statistic, as well as bonus for that statistic. These legendary benefits will also increase as you rate them. For example, if you have Legendary Strength level 3, you will receive +3 Strength and +3 Strength Perk Points. (Perk point limit at 15.)

Legendary Perk slots can be unlocked at level account and can be used by any character in that account, regardless of level, but can only be unlocked by the highest level character in that account. Once you start unlocking slots, you can have an unlimited number of them. However, unlocking additional Legendary Perk slots takes an exponentially greater amount of time after the first one.

Exploring daily operations

Also arriving in Patch 22 is the new Daily Ops system, which offers a reproducible element and exciting rewards for the dungeon racing experience. With Daily Ops, you can return to the places you’ve already explored and experience them in a whole new way, with enemies and random goals.

"Our first Daily Ops game mode is called Uplink, which challenges the player to survive in close proximity to Uplink devices against hordes of aggressive enemies," says leadership level designer Steve Massey. “With future game modes, we want to change the gameplay so that you’re not just fighting in a different room, but have a dramatically different gaming experience. For our second game mode, we intend to emphasize stealth and sniper action with fewer enemies, but more powerful ones. Our goal with several randomizations is to make different players feel like the "hero" of the day. Some days you will feel that the combination was made specifically for you, and other days you may have to team up with friends or public teams to obtain the higher level. ”

 Fallout 76

In addition to enemies and random targets, the enemies you face will also have their own unique twists, thanks to the new Enemy Mutation system, which, as Massey explains, works as“ a parallel to the mutations that players can get. They give each enemy you face a superpower that forces you to change game patterns, think creatively and team up to succeed. Enemies can explode on death, freeze you with their attacks, be covered up when not attacking, or just be killed by a melee attack. In addition, each game mode features a standard mutation that complements the mode and dramatically changes the way the combat scenarios unfold. ”

And the Daily Ops will continue to evolve, with new Enemy Mutations, new rewards, new game modes and new locations. The Bethesda Game Studios team will continue to listen to player feedback to help drive the future of Fallout 76, and now that feedback will extend to Daily Ops.

“We will be adding many new and existing dungeon locations to Daily Ops. time, with the goal that each new dungeon supports the current Uplink mode, as well as all future modes, ”says Massey. “In addition to popular venues like West Tek and Wendigo Cave, we are planning to add community requests, such as the Raider Arena version of the Watoga Civic Center. In terms of launching locations, we are especially excited about reintroducing Vault 94 to the world as a Daily Operations location, as well as allowing exploration of this location outside of Daily Operations for players who wish to explore it at their leisure and discover the history the safe. ”

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