The rise of the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One in 2021 with Xbox Game Pass



  • The action RPG title The Ascent is coming to Xbox Series X consoles | S and Xbox One in 2021
  • Learn about the city's futuristic landscapes and science fiction stories you'll find in this cyberpunk world
  • Ascent will be available with Xbox Game Pass at launch [19659007] . We are pleased to announce that The Ascent will be available with the Xbox Game Pass launching in 2021. Developed by Neon Giant and published by Curve Digital, The Ascent will target 60 fps and Full 4K on the Xbox Series X, offering incredible game performance for new generations of console players.

    We want to give you The Ascent in the best possible quality so that on Xbox Series X consoles you can see more fidelity, Ultra HD support and improved load times, which will make every moment exciting in this corporate administration universe looks so real.

    <img loading = "lazy" width = "1920" height = "1080" src = " /TheAscent_Screenshot2-1.jpg?w=940&resize=1920%2C1080 "alt =" The Ascent [19659012] Today, we are also happy to say that development is progressing well and we are illustrating this with a new shot of Neon Giant’s vision of Veles, the cyberpunk planet that The Ascent takes place in. [19659010] The Ascent will immerse you in the arcology of The Ascent Group, an independent metropolis run by corporations, which extends to the sky and full of creatures from all over the galaxy. Taking on the role of a contract worker, your world starts to go crazy when The Ascent Group ends for unknown reasons. Life becomes a matter of survival, with rival corporations and crime syndicates looking to fill the empty space. It will be your job to take up arms and find out what's going on before it's too late.

    Although the team of 11 on the Neon Giant is small, their ambitions are big, and The Ascent is proof of that! With destructible environments, solo and cooperative gameplay, bionic upgrades, customizable weapons and a story that takes you from deep slums to spheres of luxury, the team has created a lively and vibrant cyberpunk world that rivals the best of science fiction novels. [19659010] Ascent will arrive on Xbox Series X consoles | S and Xbox One in 2021 and will be available with the Xbox Game Pass from launch. Make sure to check out the new video and subscribe to Curve Digital on YouTube here and follow us on Twitter here to keep up to date with The Ascent . We hope to share more details with you in early 2021.

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