The Ford F-150 RLE arrived in the Rocket League


Rocket League just got a lot more difficult ! The iconic and most purchased brand (based on total 2020 CY sales) in the U.S. has arrived and is ready for launch. Take the Ford F-150 RLE ( Rocket League edition) for a limited time and take your teammates to victory!

Built Ford Tough

The Ford F-150 has been equipped with Rocket Boost and is ready to compete! Instead of hitting the road, hit the open goal with the Ford F-150 RLE package. Check on your own tab in the item store by February 28 for 1500 credits. Includes Ford F-150 RLE, president's decal, player's banner and more.

Player's Note : The Ford F-150 RLE can be customized by Rocket League items that are not associated with another licensed IP. The items included in the package can only be equipped with the Ford F-150 RLE.

Get in the game and drive, jump, fly and win with the Ford F-150 RLE! Get it before it runs out!

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