Crusader Kings 3 to bring back same-sex marriage models after the blockade


Same-sex marriage mods will return to Crusader Kings 3 in an upcoming update, after being locked out of the game last month.

Crusader Kings 3 publisher, Paradox Interactive, said RockPaperShotgun in March that the blockade of same-sex marriage was intentional, but it was not done to actively discourage same-sex marriage mods or prevented them to play.

The block was made because prior to the 1.3 update in March, "same-sex concubinage was unintentionally possible to do mod in" and although Paradox Interactive was not against it, the mods "had the potential to cause a variety of errors."

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When update 1.3 fell in March, modders found an error that said "Illegal concubinage: is the same sex as your concubinist, so they can't become a concubine," according to RockPaperShotgun. After contacting the publisher about the cause of this error, Paradox Interactive told RockPaperShotgun that the change "was part of a set of corrections around concubine-related behavior in the game, leading to complicated results, such as concubines being assigned to dead people. "

Paradox said the correction was not made to deliberately prevent players from adding same-sex marriage mods to the game.

"The problem is that the way some features were implemented in the base game at this point, makes official same-sex legal partnerships difficult to modify without breaking a lot of things," Paradox Interactive told RockPaperShotgun. "The CK3 team, and Paradox as a whole, are very aware of representation in our games, and same-sex lovers have been included in CK3 since launch – but we know that this is not the same thing as a formal relationship. is something we support, because allowing everyone to tell their stories is a big part of our values. "

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But that will soon change, according to a blog post by Paradox Interactive. "In 1.3, we explicitly restricted it in the code as part of fixing a concubine-related bug, believing that it would never have been possible. Since then, we've made changes to provide proper support for same-sex concubinage, and it will come along with other improvements. modding in 1.3.X. "

Paradox Interactive says it will support same-sex marriage for mods in update 1.4 that comes after 1.3.X., which is not the actual name of the update – the blog post says the current name is "due to the number exact version being unknown at this point. "Due to" greater technical risks around this, it was not feasible to include this (support for same-sex marriage mods) in 1.3.X ", according to the blog post.

"We need more time to test it to ensure that this support does not introduce bugs in the vanilla game," continues the post. "We are really looking forward to being able to offer more diverse experiences with this mod support."

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Although same-sex marriage mods are not currently allowed in Crusader Kings 3, update 1.3.X, which does not yet have a release date, will bring some changes that will make official support for the mods that will come in update 1.4 possible.

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