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New games with gold for August 2020


Get ready for the August Gold Games schedule! On Xbox One, shape your hero and your destiny in Portal Knights and level buildings with giant battle robots in Override: Mech City Brawl. On Xbox 360 and Xbox One via Backward Compatibility perform sick stunts in MX Unleashed and save the community from a cruel dictator in the classic first-person shooter [19659002] Red Faction II .

Xbox Live Gold members will have exclusive access to these games for a limited time, as part of Games with Gold . With Xbox Live Gold, you get the most advanced multiplayer service, free games and exclusive discounts for members in games at the Microsoft Store – get Xbox Live Gold today to join the action or join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that includes all of these great benefits, plus access to over 100 high-quality games with the Xbox Game Pass.

Portal Knights
Create your character, create epic weapons and defeat your enemies in this 3D sandbox action RPG. You and your group are the only hope for a world torn and terrified by the Hollow King. Level up your hero as you explore dozens of randomly generated islands, create incredible structures and interact with the colorful inhabitants of the earth on a quest to become the best Portal Knight.

Replace: Mech City Brawl [19659005]
Mechanical battles with high octane are delivered in a destruction ballad that devastates the city! Experience a highly successful campaign, a multitude of local and online multiplayer modes and a cast of 12 gigantic mechs to pilot, each customizable and with its own special skills. Take on your opponents and destroy environments inspired by real-life locations to become the main mechanical pilot. No gears, no glory!

MX Unleashed
Play a fantastically addictive freestyle motorcycle game from the classic Xbox era. Perform stunts and tricks on huge, dangerous trails to unlock incredible gaming secrets in a wide variety of freestyle and supercross locations. Featuring huge sandbox environments, this motocross game is a great off-road playground.

Red Faction II
Fight to overthrow a corrupt dictator and government in this classic first-person shooter. It has been five years since the rebellion on Mars began and oppressed people in the community are rising. Lead a squad of unique super-soldiers, each with their own specialized methods of destruction, ranging from demolitions to warships, to overthrow the corrupt government and restore peace on earth. and stay tuned to Xbox Wire for the latest Xbox news. As we said before, if you are an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, you have all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, plus more than 100 high quality console games and for PC that you want to play. New games are added all the time, so you never have anything new to try when looking for your next favorite game. If you are new or already a member of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass for console, join or upgrade today for just $ 1.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft Corporation

$ 14.99

] $ 1

Get all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, plus more than 100 high quality console and PC games for one low monthly price. With games added all the time, there's always something new to play. With a huge variety of games from all genres, there is something for everyone. Enjoy exclusive offers and discounts for members. . Plus, take advantage of free perks, including in-game content, consumables and partner offers. Play together with friends on the most advanced multiplayer network and discover your next favorite game.

Use your active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership to play on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC (excludes Windows 10 in S mode and ARM devices). Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes Xbox Game Pass for console, Xbox Game Pass for PC, Xbox Live Gold and additional benefits.

Note: Purchasing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate automatically updates your existing Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass memberships to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at a conversion rate, each based on the days remaining. Find out how it works at www.xbox.com/gamepass. Future code redemptions are also subject to a conversion fee. Conversion rate subject to change. All conversions to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are final: Once converted, you will not be able to reconvert your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership to a previous membership. Maximum of 36 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate redeemed on account at a time, including any converted time from Xbox Live Gold and / or Xbox Game Pass (for PC or console).

The titles and numbers of the games vary with time and by country. The membership continues to be charged at the current price (subject to change; plus applicable taxes), unless canceled. Cancel at any time to stop your next scheduled charge; see account.microsoft.com/services. Notice before purchasing add-ons, DLC, consumables, virtual currency or subscriptions (sold separately): If your membership is terminated or a game is removed from the catalog, you must reactivate your membership or purchase the game separately to continue using these items. ISP fees may apply. Age restrictions apply. Xbox Game Pass discounts are based on the Microsoft Store price and cannot be combined with other offers and cannot be redeemed for cash. Discount offers exclude titles within 30 days of launch and are not available with selected titles. The number and content of perks vary according to region, platform and time and must be redeemed within the stipulated time. Services, features and requirements may change or be disabled. Subject to the Microsoft Services Agreement (microsoft.com/msa). For PC: application download, Windows update (s) and necessary storage (xbox.com/pcgamesplan). System requirements vary by game; performance scales with cutting edge systems.

Sign in to your available offers. Promotional offers may not be valid for all members and are only available for a limited time. In Japan, the Xbox Game Pass is only available for purchase to users aged 18 and over. Offers not valid in Russia; other geographical restrictions may apply. After the promotional period, the subscription continues to be charged at the current normal price (subject to change), unless canceled. More applicable taxes

Meeting Guu Ma, path to Guangdong's most prominent character
People can fly Interview: Knowing the dark and desperate universe of outsider science fiction
Next Xbox week: new games from July 28th to 31st

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Dirt 5: Codemasters Art Team reveals details about impressive racing locations



  • Dirt 5 is coming to Xbox Series X and Xbox One with a list of incredible and brand new racing locations that take a bold turn in iconic environments
  • Leading members of the game's art and production the team reveals the process behind creating these impressive and dynamic locations
  • Dirt 5 is coming to Xbox One on October 9 and Xbox Series X later this year

Bolder. Brighter. Bigger. For Dirt 5 Codemasters' latest off-road racing game, released on Xbox One and Xbox Series X, these three beautiful Bs were our mission. All aspects of Dirt 5 aim to be more ambitious than we've ever been in a legendary racing franchise – and when you come to where we're taking you to the races, you'll see what we mean.

Our radical racing events take place in ten new locations, taking iconic locations and landmarks and turning them into vibrant and exciting destinations for more than 70 running routes. Get ready to loosen up in Brazil, Norway, Greece, China, Nepal, Morocco, Italy, Nepal, Arizona and Roosevelt Island.

Every location, route and racing scene brings that boldness and emotion into swords – but don't take that from me. In this special Xbox Wire publication, key members of the Dirt 5 development studio on creating art and the environment delve into the game's spectacular new landscapes, which combine with extreme dynamic weather and changing conditions for a unique visual racing experience.

Art director Amrish Wadekar : The art of Dirt 5 is built on four pillars: Hyperreal, Dynamic, Vibrant, and Choerent – and each of the locations offers the most of them.

Producer Stuart Boyd : Our initial goal was to create vibrant and colorful interpretations of recognizable locations around the world. . The artists of Dirt 5 wanted to challenge themselves technically from the beginning; it was this drive and ambition that led the team to recreate some of the most beautiful places in the world. Our broader goal was to instill a player's desire to be so dazzled by the environment around them that they need to pause, open Photo Mode and capture it their way.

Leading Leading Artist Andrew Fletcher : A key feature of all of our trails is how they embrace the beauty of the natural landscape – whether running through a landslide in the jungles of Rio de Janeiro or turning a shear stone face between the buttes and tables of Arizona. All of our tracks adhere to the same philosophy of combining fun and action-packed races in rich, vibrant and believable worlds.

This challenge topic is something you can see throughout Dirt 5 with views and visual details that go beyond the norms and expectations. The entire studio delved into the minutiae to make all ten locations look and become true to life, even though they are 11 years old – and you will feel that detail when the ever-changing world around you affects your race.

Amrish Wadekar: For Dirt 5 beauty is in the variety and details. The team embraced it with both hands and really got their hands dirty in months of research to understand and learn all aspects of each of these locations to create reliable and authentic worlds. Thanks to the research, some team members can now say the Latin names of more than 50 trees!

  Dirt 5

The climate system in Dirt 5 is what really shows the visual and racing experience 11. The most exciting aspect is the change in air conditions that directly affect the driving surface , which means that each race looks, sounds and plays differently every time you enter.

Artist Liam Maynard : We researched our locations extensively, elaborating all the small details and discovering what made these places unique; the type of land, the type of trees, the buildings and even the stones!

Andrew Fletcher: For environments, runway surfaces are an essential component and care must be taken to ensure textures and materials are accurately balanced, so that each surface reacts properly under various conditions. Surface water must accumulate in the various recesses and valleys on the track, and snow must accumulate in the places you expect.

  Dirt 5

Ensuring that everything changes and adapts to our dynamic wind system also plays an important role. role in creating a credible experience. Flags, foliage and particles are set up to react according to these dynamic changes in the wind during different climatic conditions.

Leading senior technical artist Andrew Seymour : The goal was to create a system in which as much as possible was dynamic. For example, when storms approach, rain starts to fill the grooves made by tires on the dirt tracks, forming puddles. The puddles become deeper and more expansive, soaking the dirt, turning it into mud.

We try to add as much detail as we can realistically imagine. The ripples can be seen when raindrops hit the puddles and are disturbed when vehicles run through them. All types of climate are interconnected; then, if the snow fell, it would start to fill the puddles, turning them into mud. Snow accumulates in cracks and sticks to the sides of cold surfaces.

  Dirt 5

It is clear that these objectives and this approach for the new locations of the Dirt 5 brand are even more possible thanks to the arrival of the next generation console games. With our amplified off-road racer arriving on Xbox Series X and the Codemasters Cheshire team with X Series kits to develop and test for some time, we're excited to show the world how unique Dirt 5 environments take advantage of this new power.

Andrew Fletcher: We had the next generation consoles in mind since pre-production began. We mentioned it above what we had previously, adding scalability to all of our shaders, not limiting them, so that we could take advantage of the extra power of the Xbox Series X GPU. For example, our track shader uses Parallax Oclusion Mapping, Tessellation and Displacement as standard on all 16 surface types. This is double the number we had in our previous title.

Amrish Wadekar: The speed, graphics performance and storage that the next generation of consoles bring means that we can not only have greater resolution and detail in environments and vehicles, but also particle and effect dialing to create a highly successful experience.

Dirt 5 is released on Xbox One on October 9 and later this year on Xbox Series X. Thanks to Smart Delivery, you get the version optimized for the next generation of Xbox Series X at no additional cost.

  Xbox Live

DIRT 5 Amplified Edition


$ 79.99

Buy your ticket for an incredible variety DIRTY 5 benefits and content by pre-ordering the Extended Edition – and get it all with early access in three days!

At launch, Amplified Edition players have three race-ready cars in their garage (Ariel Nomad Tactical, Audi TT Safari, VW Beetle Rallycross), three-player sponsors with new goals, rewards and colors and content for features yet to be revealed – all exclusive to the Amplified Edition, plus currency improvements and XP gains.

After the release, we are committed to developing a massive selection of new show break times and new ways to really leave Loose. Amplified Edition players have access to all post-launch additions to DIRT 5, including a minimum of 12 new cars, 60 new Career events, new player sponsors with new rewards and colors and more items for features to be revealed …

Grabbing DIRT 5: October 2020 Amplified Edition ensures that you have the keys to everything the boldest and most courageous off-road racing game has to offer and be first in line in everything we created after launch.

Order DIRT 5 now to receive the Ford F-150 Raptor PreRunner from Deberti Design!

The game takes advantage of Smart Delivery, allowing access to the Xbox One title and Xbox X Series, when available.

19659049] Tetris effect: Connected takes multiplayer to the ultimate puzzle game on Xbox

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Get ready to unleash swimsanity! on august 7


We are delighted to announce the launch date of our inaugural Xbox One title. Swimsanity! is an underwater multiplayer shooting game with cooperative and action-packed versus game modes, all supported by local and online games. You play as our hero Mooba, who uses a variety of unique power-ups and weapons to survive in this aquatic world. Whether you're teaming up with friends to swim in Adventure mode or participating in competitive games like Last Mooba Standing, there are over 150 challenges to be completed in 8 action-packed game modes in Swimsanity!

We wanted to make sure that, no matter how or where you play Swimsanity! that you can make the most of. That means Swimsanity! will present cross-play on all platforms. Which means that you can enjoy this underwater shooting game with all your friends. We also have robust online resources with matchmaking, custom rooms, parties and cross-platform leaderboards with Microsoft Azure PlayFab. All this fast and intuitive game, executed in the prediction / reversal code to provide our online community with a perfect experience. Oh, and if you don't want to play online, we have coverage for one to four local players, including bot support.


For those who haven't played yet, the game is quite simple. Before entering any game, a player can choose from a variety of stunning releases, which are essentially his special moves. Unleash from a doctor to heal yourself and teammates, to a shark to devour your opponents. When a Mooba hits enough damage on its opponents, players have the special ability to "Unleash Swimsanity!" to gain a big advantage in battle. The base of Unleashes brings the thrill of fighting without interruption in the versus and cooperative game modes.


We are a huge fan of multiplayer versus versus and cooperative games, to ensure you can enjoy Swimsanity! in both forms was a major boost for us in development. If you like online competitions, enter Versus modes, where you can experience traditional deadly combat, the Last Mooba Standing elimination style or capture the Orb Rush flag. Increase tactics and compete 2v2 as well. If you're more of a team player, we have cooperative modes for 1-4 players, in which you can join friends in Adventure mode, with boss side scrolling, or see how long you can last in our survival-based mode waves. Do it all in 5 completely different worlds, with 150 game challenges, and you’ll have an ocean filled with extensive content.

Our three-man team worked hard, and we will definitely be competing online against and with everyone who plays. We are so excited that all Xbox One players can now order the release of Swimsanity! this summer on August 7th.

  Xbox Live


Decoy Games, LLC

$ 24.99 [19659026] Pre-order

Swimsanity! is a multiplayer underwater shooting game with cooperative and action-packed versus game modes, all supported by online and local games. You play as our hero Mooba, who uses a variety of unique power-ups and weapons to survive in this aquatic world.

Whether you're teaming up with friends to swim in Adventure mode or playing competitive games like Last Mooba Standing, there are more than 150 challenges to complete in 8 action-packed game modes in Swimsanity! All modes can be played online or locally.

Summer Spotlight 2020 – Great games for the gaming season
Summer game demo event coming on July 21st for an Xbox One near you
ID @ Xbox launches the Summer Spotlight series

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Exploring Grounded arachnophobia


Grounded Obsidian Entertainment's new survival game will be available tomorrow on the Xbox Game Preview with the Xbox Game Pass and Steam Early Access. In players wake up in a suburban backyard after being mysteriously reduced to the size of an ant. Guided by a strange robot voice called BURG.L, players must explore, build and survive while facing the dangers and dangers that suddenly arise from the size of insects.

Some of these hazards include a variety of hostile spiders, which pose a regular threat to survive in the yard. However, the team behind Grounded considered that some players may have a potential fear of spiders and experience a negative reaction to their appearance in the game, so Obsidian worked closely with the Xbox Research team to explore what triggers arachnophobia.

During the study, fear and aversion increased in all groups of participants, as spider textures, number of eyes and audio effects were added. Xbox Research's findings helped determine the best shape for spiders in the game, as well as deciding how to vary their appearance, depending on the severity of the phobia.

This resulted in the game's Arachnophobia mode, where players can change the appearance of spiders and limit their audio effects, helping to make the game more accessible for everyone.

Grounded is classified as & # 39; T & # 39; for teenagers through ESRB and is available tomorrow at Xbox Game Preview with Xbox Game Pass and Steam Early Access for $ 29.99.

Next week on Xbox: new games from 28th to 31st July
Meet the great voices of the little characters from Grounded
Ahoy, Goblins! Tell me why the first chapter, released on August 27, is available today for pre-order

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Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha (2008.200724-2030)


Hey, Xbox Insiders! We have a new preview of the Xbox One update coming to the Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha ring. It is important to note that some updates made to these versions of the viewing OS include background improvements that guarantee quality and a stable build for the Xbox One.

We continue to publish these release notes, even when changes are visible in the user interface are minimal, so you’re aware of when updates are coming to your device. Details can be found below!

System update details:

  • Operating system version released: RS_XBOX_RELEASE_2008 19041.4007.200724-2030
  • Available : 14:00 PT – July 27, 2020
  • Mandatory : 3 am PT – July 28, 2020

Fixes implemented

Thanks to the hard work of Xbox engineers, we are pleased to announce that the following fixes have been implemented for this build:


  • Various updates to properly reflect local languages ​​on the console
    • Note: Users participating in the View may see "odd" text on the console, for more information, see here .

Known issues

We understand that some issues have been listed in the previous Xbox Insider Release Notes. These items are not being ignored, but Xbox engineers will take longer to find a solution .

New issues we are investigating:


  • The Achievements tab may have some unique display issues where the content appears to be overlapping. We are aware and investigating.

We are still tracking these known issues:


  • Users with Dolby Atmos enabled and console display settings set to 120 hz with 36 bits per pixel (12 bits) are experiencing loss of Dolby Atmos audio in some situations.
    • Workaround : Disable 120 Hz or set Video Fidelity to 30 bits per pixel (10 bits) or less.
  • Some users have reported that Dolby Atmos for Headphone audio configuration changes when the console is rebooted / updated.
    • Note: If you try to set the audio to Dolby Atmos for headphones and you see a message that you should start the Dolby Access App, make the feedback file before start the application.

Game DVR

  • Some users have reported that clips are being recorded without audio. We are aware and investigating.
    • Note: When reporting the problem, please include details about what resolution, duration and game you were trying to record.


  • Some users have reported that the audio mixer cannot be used to adjust chat / game audio levels.

My games and applications

  • We received reports from users unable to edit or create groups. We are aware of the problem and investigate.
  • Users reported seeing black blocks instead of game art when browsing their collection.
    • Note: We are still investigating the problem, please report the problem again from the console, if you did this with a previous update and are still seeing this behavior.
  • Some titles in the collection may appear incorrectly with a "trial" tag in the collection.


  • We received reports from some users "crashing" on the login screen. We are aware and investigating.
  • Users may notice that the 24-hour clock is not displayed correctly on all sections of the panel. We are aware and investigating.
  • Users can see the four new languages ​​(Hungarian, Czech, Slovak and Greek) available as options for the keyboard. Although they can be selected, they are currently not functional.

Profile color

  • Sometimes users may encounter the incorrect profile color when turning on the console.

Be sure to use Report a problem to keep us informed about your problem. We may not be able to answer everyone, but the data we will gather is crucial to finding a resolution.

  What about your comments

How to get support for Xbox Insider

If you are an Xbox Support person, contact the community subreddit . The official Xbox team, moderators and fellow Xbox Insiders are there to help with your concerns.

When posting on the subreddit, check the most recent posts to see if your problem has already been published or solved. We always recommend adding topics with the same problem before publishing a new one. This helps us to support you in the best possible way! Don't forget to use "Report a problem" before posting – the information shared in both places helps us to better understand your problem.

Thanks to all the Xbox Insider on the subreddit today. We love that it has become a friendly, community-oriented conversation and support center.

For more information on the Xbox Insider Program, follow us on Twitter . Keep an eye on the future Xbox Insider Release Notes for more information about the preview ring for the Xbox One update!

Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha (2008.200723-0000)
Xbox Insider Release Notes – Beta (2008.200721-0000)
Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha (2008.200721-0000)

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New game for PC, PS3 and Xbox360 – Fursan al-Aqsa


Assalamu Alaykum (peace be upon you)

My name is Nidal Nijm, I am a Brazilian Muslim, of Arab descent, my father is from Palestine.

I'm just an independent solo developer trying to find my place in the games industry.

I am well known in the PS3 homebrew community. Just search google UDK Ultimate Engine

New game for PC, PS3 and Xbox360 – Fursan al-Aqsa

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Getting to know Guu Ma, path to the most prominent character in Guangdong



After so long working on [19659007] Road to Guangdong's history and now that the rest of the team is busy working on preparations for the next release, I meet Guu Ma, who, for me, is the most important character in history.

Guu Ma is Cantonese for his oldest paternal aunt. In this story that begins with Sunny losing her parents to a tragic accident, Guu Ma quickly takes on the role of father due to his position and situation. In the game, you play Sunny, and your relationship with Guu Ma needs to develop in order for you to fulfill the final wishes of Sunny de Sunny's parents to take over the family restaurant.

Initially, Guu Ma, like any other character, may lead you to believe that she is just a typical aunt, who has dedicated her entire life to running the family restaurant. Whether obvious or not, Guu Ma's history is complicated. Although she was the most conscientious and responsible of the Tong brothers, the family restaurant was handed over to Sunny's father, the oldest man. And in this last distressing phase of events, Guu Ma needs to support his niece, who has no restaurant experience, not only for the pain, but also for the chance to change the culture's conservative patriarchal practices, successfully managing the restaurant. [19659009] Guu Ma cares for all good matriarchs, with hard love. And if Sunny can prove it to Guu Ma, things will be easier for both of them. Guu Ma can even show his softer side.

Whatever happens, Guu Ma will always be Sunny's toughest critic and biggest cheerleader. If it gets too much, just take a walk and hope that Guu Ma is wrapped in a nap. Some Zen driving can help you to cool off Guu Ma's irritations, although he is warned that she will not accept Sandy, the car being treated badly.

Are you ready to meet Guu Ma and start your relationship with her?

Road to Guangdong launches August 28 on Xbox One and is now available for pre-order! If you can't wait to try it out, a Road to Guangdong demo will be available as part of the Xbox Summer Game Fest Demo Event until July 27.

<img src = "https://i1.wp.com/assets.onestore.ms/cdnfiles/sfw-service-web-onestore-onerf-2017-11-8-12/ store / common / images / xbllogo_black.png? ssl = 1 "alt =" Xbox Live [19659018] Way to Guangdong

Excalibur Games

$ 19.99
Xbox One X Enhanced

Written by the acclaimed author Yen Ooi, this captivating tale of adulthood is set in the suggestive setting of 90s China.

Sunny's life is at a crossroads. She knows that everything is about to change. She still doesn't know how. She looks at the contract again. The good news is that she now owns her family's favorite restaurant. The bad news? You've seen better days.

A knock on the door announces the arrival of your aunt Guu Ma. Yes, everything is about to change. But the "how" part will be decided by a lot of strangers that she only sees in faded photographs.

Embark on a journey of discovery

On a mission to revive their family restaurant, Sunny and Guu Ma must visit long-lost relatives in search of secrets that will drive customers back. But it will not be easy. The long trip with his elderly aunt will truly test their relationship, as cultural differences surface. Only by making difficult choices along the way, Sunny will discover what fate has in store for her.

Keep your car on the road

A precious part of the family for longer than Sunny can remember, Sandy has taken her loved ones through many crises. But her beloved car is falling apart and she will need help to respond to this latest emergency. Only careful driving and regular checks under the hood will allow her to bring Sunny to the climax of her mission.

People can fly Interview: Knowing the dark and desperate universe of science fiction from the Outriders
Next week on Xbox: New games from July 28th to 31st
Learn about Cris's Colombian Tales Inherit and play the demo today on Xbox One

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Interview with people: knowing the dark and desperate science fiction universe of outsiders


Formerly considered a paradise, Enoch's primitive planet was transformed in 30 years into a brutal world of darkness and despair due to a mysterious anomaly. What sounds like an apocalyptic prophecy ends up being the starting point for the brand new RPG shooter Outriders which will be released later this year on Xbox One and Xbox Series X. The Xbox Wire editorial team Germany talked with the developers of People Can Fly to provide insight into the new mix of action and action RPG, based on stories.

Outriders : An RPG game in a sci-fi universe [19659005] By mixing a deep story with the explosive action of snipers, the Polish studio People Can Fly, together with Square Enix, created a totally IP new that is very different from traditional science fiction titles. To find out what the anomaly is about, you and other Outriders follow an unknown signal that can take you to the origin of the anomaly – or to its end.

Flexibility and freedom of choice

Outriders Comprehensive freedom of choice & # 39; works like a thread in history. With the class tree, you develop your self-designed hero according to your wishes, while the numerous equipment modifications do the rest. In addition, you decide whether you want to learn more about the background story through the ubiquitous dialogue options or to dive right into the battle.

Play Outriders alone or in cooperation mode [19659005] With the world-class system, flexible difficulty control, you will find the ideal difficulty level. This will make you sweat a lot, but you will always have the chance to win the battles. Even if you travel with up to two friends in multiplayer mode, the level of difficulty will automatically adapt to your skills. But again, the better you work together and combine the synergies of your skills, the greater the chances of success.

It is no coincidence that Outriders is released in late 2020, after years of development. As an Xbox Series X Optimized title, the game uses all the power and performance of the Xbox Series X, which makes the journey into the dark sci-fi universe even more realistic – in addition, the title is also available to Xbox owners. One. Pre-order Outriders now and get a free upgrade to Deluxe Edition. This includes the Hell & # 39; s Rangers Content Pack with special equipment sets, 11 weapons and truck mods and unique designs in the Hell & # 39; s Rangers look.

People Can Fly interview

In an interview with game director Bartosz Kmita and senior designer Piotr Nowakowski from People Can Fly development studio, Kmita explains how to combine RPG and sniper action, which makes Outriders stand out and why every type of player makes money from the title.

Xbox Wire: How would you describe Outriders briefly in a nutshell? What makes it so different?

Bartosz Kmita : It is not easy to summarize in a few words, but let's try! Basically, Outriders is a mix of action and shooting RPG genres. We at People Can Fly have a long history of creating intense snipers, so we make the most of our knowledge and transport many of the basic mechanisms of this genre to Outriders . The RPG aspect shows in the extensive freedoms that every player experiences, as well as in the rich history. To emphasize: the player will have the best of both worlds – the dazzling thrill of a fast-paced shooter and an atmospheric RPG full of stories to discover.

Xbox Wire: What makes Outriders different from other gender representatives?

Bartosz Kmita : Compared to other main shooters, Outriders offers the player a deep story, which is explored little by little in the main and side missions . At the same time, the character can be developed exactly according to the wishes, individualized appearance and versatile skills adapted to the needs of the game itself.

Xbox Wire: Outriders mix shooter with action RPG: Did the genre come to your mind at first and why did you want to mix them up?

Bartosz Kmita : We at People Can Fly have been developing snipers for almost twenty years. The sniper gene is anchored in our DNA and, therefore, has always been an essential part of our work. At this point, we, as a studio, ask ourselves: what do our hearts beat in addition to the shooting genre? And it was here that we discovered our deep love shared by exciting stories that unfold in the course of a game. So it was clear that our next title would contain many elements of role-playing.

Xbox Wire: What is your favorite feature in Outriders ?

Bartosz Kmita: Well, it is difficult to determine a favorite feature, because we have been working on the game for several years. During that time, all the different aspects of the game became a kind of our babies. We are certainly happy with the game prospects. On the one hand, we love skill trees and character customization, because they offer players a lot of options. But, on the other hand, we are proud of the world, the history and the parallel activities we create. We are excited about the whole package in general.

Piotr Nowakowski : On my side, I love all the cinematic parts and interactive dialogues. Every scene creates an intense atmosphere with the player in the spotlight, without talking to the head or other distractions from the environment.

Xbox Wire: An alien planet, a mutant fauna and the player in the middle: Where do you start creating a whole new universe and its history? And what inspired you?

Bartosz Kmita : It was a challenge not only to create a game, but also the PI as a whole. Even though Outriders has sci-fi aspects, our vision was a darker and darker world than the classic utopian and clean sci-fi game. There are definitely some elements of fantasy ruff as well. Creative processes always start in your head, for sure! But loose ideas and thoughts can only be transformed into a coherent world through teamwork and constant and elaborate reformulation. This brainstorming process always takes a long time, but in the end the whole team loved the result and it was worth it.

Xbox Wire: Action shooter with an atmospheric story: how do you harmonize these different aspects? [19659005] Bartosz Kmita : We decided on a cinematographic approach as a central system to deliver the story in layers in an appropriate way at the beginning. The main story will offer almost 90 minutes of cinema and another 90 in dialogue. But the dialogues in Outriders are not simply two talking heads as in many other games. Even the side missions will offer cinematic dialogues, because they all offer their own atmospheric history. The whole story is shaped around the personalized character of the players. Even when playing cooperative missions, cinema and dialogue highlight the figure of the players as the main hero in his own epic adventure. That way, everyone will experience their own individual adventure, mixed with action-packed team games.

Xbox Wire: Outriders is suitable for multiplayer fans and solo players. What content can both types of players expect?

Bartosz Kmita : The whole story can be experienced as a solo adventure, so that the player is not forced to play cooperatively if he doesn't want to. The player can decide at any time if he prefers to play alone or together with others. There is no exclusive content for multiple players, each player can experience the game the way they like best. But we would like to encourage players to play together, because there is a very fun and challenging dynamic in playing Outriders as a team. We will elevate the team's experience using the moving story and its atmospheric cinema to drag the entire group into this great world. Sometimes, it's like going to the movies with your friends and discovering something new together.

Xbox Wire: Special skills bring new possibilities to the shooting game and the skill trees provide flexibility. So, there are no more classic role assignments, like tank and damage dealer?

Bartosz Kmita : Players can create a character class that fits into one of these classic roles, but no one will be forced to enter the sacred tank trinity, damage dealer and healer. Each character class can be played in more than one way. Subclasses of the class offer maximum flexibility and we encourage players to experiment with different skill trees to find the right combination that best suits their playing style. If you want to play with an independent player, who can heal and tank himself, it's possible. At the same time, you can fully specialize in a supporting role to empower your team. At the end of the day, all players must feel tough!

Xbox Wire: You gave us a lot of interesting ideas. To conclude, why should Xbox players play Outriders later this year?

Bartosz Kmita : Every fan of snipers or RPGs will find something in Outriders [19659037] to satisfy him. Although we have experience in developing top-tier snipers, this game will be fun for many different types of players. Each player can focus on those aspects of the game that suit them best. So whether you're a passionate story fan or an action-loving sniper, versatile gameplay with many different customization options will satisfy all types of players.

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